Operational Objectives

Helpful information to improve your quality of life

Have you ever heard of the term QOL?
It is an abbreviation for “Quality of Life,
In Japanese, it is often translated as “quality of life,” meaning “purpose in life” or “satisfaction.

I am who I am today because of who I was in the past.

When you are unsure of your life choices, when you want to change your lifestyle, or when you feel inexpressibly anxious,
How did that person overcome?
What do they think and do?

I am very interested in the story of how a person takes control of his or her life by tracing the history of his or her life.

Therefore, I provide in-depth summary articles on people who are active in various genres and useful information for their lives.
If you find something in them that is necessary or beneficial to you now, please refer to them and improve your QOL [quality of life]!