How to take a train in Thailand.

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You can easily get to various places by using the local public transportation system.

What you will learn in this article  

・What to prepare before boarding a train in Thailand

・How to ride a train

・What to prepare before getting on a train in Thailand

If we can do this, we can move around at a reasonable cost!


What to prepare before boarding a train in Thailand


Some trains can only be ridden with cash.
Therefore, please have a little cash ready.In particular, you will need to exchange money in your home country or at the airport if you are traveling from the airport, as the trains directly connected to the airport are cash only.

This is AirportRail Link, which is directly connected to the airport, but it is cash only.

To buy a ticket, touch the destination station on the touch screen, insert cash, and a plastic coin will appear,
You just touch that to the silver board on the LCD screen of the ticket gate.
There is also a place to put your carry-on case in this train.


こちらは空港直結のAirportRail Linkですが、現金のみです。

Credit card with touch payment function

Although the number of routes where this service is available is limited, there are trains that can be used with touch payment, so in such cases, there is no need to buy a ticket every time.
If your current credit card does not allow touch-sensitive payment, we recommend that you get a new card that does. It is very convenient.


LINE PAY Download

Some routes allow you to purchase tickets using LINE PAY. If you wish to travel with as little cash as possible and use electronic money or credit cards, it is convenient to register in advance.

路線によってはLINE PAYでチケットを購入可能です。

What to prepare before getting on a train in Thailand

The atmosphere of the subway varies from country to country, but from my experience of riding multiple lines and multiple times, I felt it was safe. The closer you get to the center of the city, the more tourists you will see, and at the suburban stations, the locals are riding quietly.

The trains themselves are unmanned, but you may see one person from the BTS company on board to manage the cars.
However, no matter where you go, you are visiting another country, so please use the trains with risk management and respect for the other country.


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