Impressed by Sushiro in Thailand! 

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What should I do if I miss Japanese food in Thailand?

I often think about this when I travel abroad.
I miss Japanese food and want to eat it.
I am not the type of person who likes to try any local food when traveling abroad because I am not very fond of the distinctive aroma of spices. I also don’t like strong flavored or fatty foods and prefer light flavors, so when I eat local food every day, I genuinely miss Japanese food…I want to drink miso soup…I want to eat white rice…and so on.

I see sushi everywhere I go, but I still find that Japanese food prepared by locals is often different and not realistic.

Also, even if you go into a Japanese chain restaurant that is expanding overseas, you may find that the food is not the same, that it tastes different, or that it is made in the local style. I would take a bite and think, “This is not what I was looking for…” But when I went to Sushiro in Thailand, I was honestly surprised at the quality of the food.

I was honestly impressed when I went to Sushiro in Thailand.
So I would like to tell you what was so good about it.





The operation is completely recreated by the staff.




Excellent and comparable to eating in Japan!

However, the rice and soy sauce used are different, so even if they look the same, they must taste different… I took a bite and it was an eye opener.

What? They are the same, right? The combination of soy sauce, nori, and sushi rice is the best! I looked at the back of the soy sauce and saw that it was made in Osaka. And the LCD screen I used to place my order also showed an image of Japanese rice being used.

I went to Yayoiken in Thailand, but it turned out to be a different kind of restaurant serving Japanese-style meals in a department store, which is not what I wanted to eat…
(This may be natural since the target audience and the concept of the restaurant are different from Japan’s to begin with).

Sushi was a special treat for me when I was in the midst of being in the dark about what I could eat in the local cuisine because it was limited,
Since then, I have grown to love Sushiro.





Number of Sushiro stores in Thailand

Currently, Sushiro has five stores in Bangkok.
Siam Paragon, a department store at the central Siam Station, Central World, Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 at Rama IX Station, Emporium at Phrom Phong Station, and Si Kong Square at Suan Rung Rama IX Station.

中心部であるサイアム駅のデパートであるサイアムパラゴン、セントラルワールド、ラマ9世駅のセントラルプラザ グランドラマ9、プロムポン駅のエンポリアム、スアンルンラーマ9世駅のシーコンスクエア。



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